About Us


Beverly Travel (Srl) founded in 1996 is a full Service Receptive Tour Operator to over 500 accounts in 45 countries around the world with offices in San Benedetto del Tronto, Rome, Milan, and brand in more countries, offering extensive allotments of rooms within the entire in Italy, Europe and Usa as well as all kinds of land services such as Transfers, Tours and Excursions to satisfy everyone's needs.

All our FIT services can be easily booked online via a very efficient and simple reservation engine. We have a dedicated team of Group Specialists able to customize any itinerary and request your Incentive and/or Leisure groups might have.

Ceo Lorenzo Rossi.
Having a degree from an elite school and an exceptional knowledge of the industry in which the company operates are excellent credentials to have. However, those qualities in and of themselves don't guarantee that a person will make it to the top of the corporate ladder. Personality traits may also play a role in an individual's ability to attain chief executive status. 

  • Expert communicators, deal makers, and managers

  • Extroverts who are eager to go out on the road and tell their company's story

  • Individuals who are able and willing to present a cohesive vision and strategy to employees

  • Individuals who are decisive, adaptable and forward-looking.